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        Click on Permits heading to search for Building, Grading, or Trade permits.  Click on Planning heading to search for Development Review projects.

RENEWALS - If applying for an Electrical Registration or Plumbing License Renewal, please click on Licenses and Search Applications to locate your license number and click Renew Application.
If you did NOT RENEW for 2019-2021, please contact Permits & Inspections at 410-386-2674.

               NEW REGISTRATION/LICENSE - To apply for a NEW Electrical Registration or Plumbing License, please contact Permits & Inspections at 410-386-2674.

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Search for Records

Enter information below to search Carroll County's Permits & Inspections database. Records can be searched for by entering any of the following information:
        • Permit No.  (include dashes: e.g. BP-19-0100)
        • Parcel/Property Id No.  (e.g. 0705022916)
        • Site Address 
        • Permit Type / Record Status / Start Date / End Date
          The above combination can provide for example: All In-ground Pools U&O Issued within the date range.
          The Permit Type must be selected before the Record Status values are displayed.
Notes: - If you enter more than 1 criteria, all entries will be considered in the search filter.
          - Click the "?" mark to view the search field format.
          - To view ETA, search for permit, click Record Info, click Inspections, click Actions/View Details, and look under Status.

General Search

Note:  If you know your Permit Number, simply enter it below and click Search, nothing else needs entered.
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