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Click on Permits heading to search for Building, Grading, or Trade permits. Click on Planning heading to search for Development Review projects.

RENEWALS - If applying for an Electrical Registration or Plumbing License Renewal, please click on Licenses and Search Applications to locate your license number.

NEW REGISTRATION/LICENSE - If applying for a NEW Electrical Registration or Plumbing License, please click on Licenses and Create an Application.

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Search for Records

Enter information below to search Carroll County's Permits & Inspections database. Records can be searched for by entering any of the following information:
        • Permit No.  (include dashes: e.g. BP-19-0100)
        • Parcel/Property Id No.  (e.g. 0705022916)
        • Site Address 
        • Permit Type / Record Status / Start Date / End Date
          The above combination can provide for example: All In-ground Pools U&O Issued within the date range.
          The Permit Type must be selected before the Record Status values are displayed.
Notes: - If you enter more than 1 criteria, all entries will be considered in the search filter.
          - Click the "?" mark to view the search field format.
          - To view ETA, search for permit, click Record Info, click Inspections, click Actions/View Details, and look under Status.

General Search

Note:  If you know your Permit Number, simply enter it below and click Search, nothing else needs entered.
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